Paternity / Parentage

Parentage determines who the law will recognize as a child’s legal parent.  Historically, this was a question of genetics, however, California law on this issue now provides a much broader standard for determination of a child’s “parent”.  A person can become a child’s legal parent in a number of ways, which can include:

  • Giving birth to a child;
  • Receiving a child into your home and openly holding the child out as his or her own natural child;
  • A child is born to a married couple, while they are cohabiting;
  • Executing a parentage declaration;
  • Use of assisted reproductive techniques with the intent of becoming a parent; or

If you feel that you are entitled to be a parent of a child, it is imperative to discuss your rights with an attorney experienced in paternity and parentage issues related to Family Law. 

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