Far too often, the Family Court will order a party to pay money to the other party, and those orders aren’t followed.  Whether it be unpaid child or spousal support (alimony), property division or reimbursement orders, or an order for the payment of attorney fees, it can be incredibly frustrating when these orders are not followed.  Many people are unaware of the tools available through the Court to enforce these orders and ensure payment on these Judgments.  Most Family Court orders do not expire or “lapse” and do not need to be renewed.  Many of these orders can survive a Bankruptcy proceeding initiated by the debtor.  Because of this, even if the order was issued long ago, it may still be enforceable.  And with interest running at 10%, the amount owed can grow to be substantial.

An attorney experienced in enforcing Family Court judgments can help you explore many different options for enforcing your rights under prior orders.  This can include levying the debtor’s assets, garnishing wages, or even forcing the sale of the debtor’s home.  The Court can also hold the debtor in Contempt of Court for his or her non-compliance with its orders. 

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